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Aries: Durante esta jornada: En el ámbito laboral estarás agobiado por que no consigues abarcarlo todo, por lo tanto tendrás que reaccionar y delegar trabajo. En el ámbito afectivo, las atenciones de alguien te harán soñar, no seas frívolo.
Tauro: Pronto llegará una noticia que estabas esperando con ansia. En el ámbito laboral, tendrás que defenderte de los ataques de una persona envidiosa. En el ámbito afectivo, estarás estimulado por la fantasía de una pareja sin inhibiciones.
Géminis: En el ámbito profesional tendrás la oportunidad de alejarte de muchos compromisos y concederte unas pequeñas diversiones para atenuar el estress acumulado. En el ámbito afectivo, conocerás una persona que te hará soñar mucho.
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In the workplace, someone will tell you that your work is very important and that your expectations will not be deluded. In the affective area: You will not know how to solve a small problem with your partner so you will ask the aid of a person in whom you trust and who will know to give you great advice.
Virgo: During the day, you will feel great determination this will help you excel in the workplace. In the affective domain, you must mend fences with your partner is when you make important decisions.
Libra: You will be afflicted by negative thoughts even though things seem to come quite well. In the workplace, difficulties away and have more certainties. In the affective area, you'll have a good look around you because you already have what you're looking for.
Scorpio: Luck seems to be with you, which are desirable both play and investments. In the workplace, if from time expect an advance in your career, you can do it right now. In the affective domain: a small crises will anger your partner.
Sagittarius: will conquer your confidence by working collegas your availability to their needs. In the affective area, will stop at the starting point a situation that does not satisfy you completely. One tip: do not be picky.
Capricorn: Someone around you at work, or in the sector of friendships, could hide something that prevents your career advancement. In the affective area, do not be impatient, and try to use good manners for more.
Aquarius: You will be

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