Ieee 1063 Standar De Deocumentacion De Usuarios

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IEEE Std 1063-2001

IEEE Standards

(Revision of IEEE Std 1063-1987)



IEEE Standard for Software User

IEEE Computer Society
Sponsored by the
Software Engineering Standards Committee

Published by
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
3 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016-5997, USA
20 December 2001

Print: SH94976
PDF: SS94976

IEEE Std 1063-2001
(Revision of
IEEE Std 1063-1987)

IEEE Standard for Software User


Software Engineering Standards Committee of the
IEEE Computer Society
Approved 5 December 2001

IEEE-SA Standards Board

Abstract: Minimum requirements for the structure, information content, and format of user documentation,
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Interpretations: Occasionally questions may arise regarding the meaning of portions of standards as they relate to specific applications. When the need for interpretations is brought to the attention of IEEE, the Institute will initiate action to prepare appropriate responses. Since IEEE Standards represent a consensus of concerned interests, it is important to ensure that any interpretation has also received the concurrence of a balance of interests. For this reason, IEEE and the members of its societies and Standards Coordinating Committees are not able to provide an instant response to interpretation requests except in those cases where the matter has previously received formal consideration.
Comments for revision of IEEE Standards are welcome from any interested party, regardless of membership affiliation with
IEEE. Suggestions for changes in documents should be in the form of a proposed change of text, together with appropriate supporting comments. Comments on standards and requests for interpretations should be addressed to:
Secretary, IEEE-SA Standards Board
445 Hoes Lane
P.O. Box 1331
Piscataway, NJ 08855-1331
Note: Attention is called to the possibility that implementation of this standard may require use of subject matter covered by patent rights. By publication of this standard, no position is taken with respect to the existence or

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