Impuesto sobre el producto del trabajo

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Read the text and the instructions to the questions very carefully. Answer all the questions in English.
Probiotic products are healthy foods that contain good bacteria, and some of them are among the bestselling foods in supermarkets. Probiotic foods and drinks contain types of bacteria that naturally colonise your intestines and help you digest food, though we may not like eating them so much.
The theory is that by putting these 'friendly' bacteria into our system, we fight the bad bacteria and help promote the natural balance of micro-organisms in our digestive system. This, it is said, helps digestion.
There is also a theory that probiotics can help your immune system- some scientists believe
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The singles event consists of two sections: the short programme, and free skating. The short programme combines eight prescribed elements such as a number of jumps. In the free skating programme, skaters perform original techniques to music of their choice. As judges deduct points for too many or too few jumps, a balanced programme is important. The pairs event also consists of a short programme and free skating. The couple works as a unit, performing many manoeuvres.
In ice dancing, the focus is on the complex steps in time with the music, in which the skaters maintain physical contact with each other. Ice dancing consists of three sections: compulsory, original, and free dances. In compulsory dancing, the couple must perform one pre-determined dance. Original dances must follow selected rhythms, although the pair can choose their own music and interpretative steps. In free dancing the pair freely express their interpretation of the music they have chosen.

1. Write a summary of the text in English, including the most important points, using your own words whenever possible (Maximum 50 words, 1 point).

2. Find words or phrases in the text that correspond in meaning to the words and definitions given here. (1 point; 0.25 each)
a) Extremely cold
b) Rivers or streams
c) "Carry out" or "do"
d) Pair

3. Complete the second sentence of each pair so that it has the same meaning as the first one(s) (2 points: 0.5

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