Impulsos primarios

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6 of August/1950

Doctors say I should stay inn the hospital, that my leg, or should I say “lack of leg”, isn’t healed yet, But you know what? I can’t stand it anymore. Marla and Hally come see me a few times a week, which makes me feel as lonely as hell. Although I know that at home I might be even lonelier cause Marla is working all day long and Hally goes to school, having these nurses and doctors telling me what to do and what not to do drives me crazy. That’s why I’ve decided that tomorrow I’m going back home. Staying here for so long made me think a lot about many things. I’ve been thinking on my relationship with Marla, how she always seems so submissive with me, and if I should try o listen a little bit more and sometimes
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Hally’s father’s point of view is never presented during the novel so I thought it could be interesting to show the other side of the coin. Consciously or not, everything we write is intended to be read by someone else. A diary is the same. Sometimes we are not able or have the courage to tell someone something that is troubling us. By writing it on a piece of paper, it kind of gives a sense of liberation because we are expressing how we really feel instead of keeping it inside of us. A diary contributes with the organization of the ideas in our head and sometimes it helps us to take better decisions because by writing it, we transmit the mixed ideas in our head into a clearer picture. My diary entry is about Hally’s father being at the hospital and what his thoughts are at the time. He talks about different subjects such as his relationship with her wife ( which I gave the name Marla so Hally’s father wouldn’t have to refer to her as Hally´s mother, which would have taken a lot of credibility off the text), his relationship with Hally and his problem with alcoholism. It mainly focuses on the lack of communication and affection he and Hally have, and why he thinks that in some way alcohol is responsible. I chose this topic because by knowing Hally´s father’s thoughts we as an audience have more information about the relation between these two characters and in some way have a better understanding and explanation of some events that occur in the

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