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First Day Grade: 1st grade Date: March 23th, 2012
This was the first day of my practice and I was really on my nerves. When I entered the classroom, the teacher asked me for giving the books to each student, but before he introduced me to them in English. Then, the English teacher, started to sing with the pupils. The songs were about days of the week, colors, numbers and greetings and they looked very encouraged singing it. The teacher was sick today, so he was not too patient with the kids. They are very naughty but not impossible to control. What they need is discipline and love, awareness, more expression from the
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The teacher did not bring the planning lesson, so he improvised by giving a letter soap to each one so they can find the family members’ words in it, but it was not a successful task because most of kids do not know to read and they got frustrated, sad and lazy as consequences. After that, the teacher showed them new song and made them sing until the class ended. In my opinion, and with the hat on my hands, I would have done a workshop for those students who do not know how to read so they can be updated with the rest of the class. Perhaps if this could have been done before students would not have felt like this, frustrated. As teachers we must innovate in order to improve our students’ learning, and at the same our teachers’ needs, to teach effectively.

Grade: 4th grade Date: May th, 2012

It was the turn of the fourth grade. The teacher, Denisse and I prepare the lesson for the class. The students continued reading the previous task, which was the e-mail that they answered last class to practice. We worked the whole class on that. Also, we did a list with the vocabulary that appeared in the e-mail and then they practice the pronunciation of the words. The most difficult issue to deal with in that grade is to try to calm them down, because they like catching attention every time they can. Teachers should make them understand its importance and cheer them up, so they can study the language in a pleasant way. We must

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