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Build Your Own Biologically Inspired Robot

Karl Williams

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Introduction Acknowledgments

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Tools, Test Equipment, and Materials
Test Equipment Construction Materials Summary

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Printed Circuit Board Fabrication



Microcontrollers and PIC Programming
Microcontrollers PIC 16F84 MCU PicBasic Pro Compiler

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Software Installation Compiling a Program Using the EPIC Programmer to Program the PIC Testing the Controller Board MicroCode Studio Visual Integrated Development Environment Using a Programmer with MicroCode Studio MicroCode Studio in Circuit Debugger Summary

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Frogbotic: Build Your Own Robotic Frog 51
Frogs and Toads Overview of the Frogbotic Project R/C Servo Motors Modifying Servos for Continuous Rotation Controlling a Modified Servo Mechanical Construction of Frogbotic Assembling the Legs Attaching the Legs to the Robot’s Body Fabricating the Servo Mounts Constructing the Front Legs Leg Position Sensors Wiring the Limit Switches 51 52 54 55 66 68 77 82 84 90 91 91



Frogbotic’s Main Controller Board Creating Frogbotic’s Printed Circuit Board Fabricating the Power Connector Putting It All Together Programming and Experiments with Frogbotic

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