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1. Write your own definition or look up for one in the dictionary for the following words: o Unqualified candidate o To run a meeting o Agenda o Beforehand o Background check o Cold call o Brochures o Terms of agreement o Unsatisfactory reviews o Fired without notice
2. Write a sentence with each one of the words above.
3. Fill in the exercise with the right preposition. Use in, on, at, for, under, over, between. o The meeting will start _____ 9 on the dot. o The videoconference has been scheduled to take place _____ April, 29th, ___ 5:30 p.m. o No one ever saw the assailant walking _____ the facilities. o _____ Wednesday, the 15th of this month, we will hold a meeting with the shareholders.
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He just wanted a simple report, not a Power Point presentation. o I will see you at the meeting room. o You could not find the report because it was left in the binder.
Positive Negative
Fun Bored
Socialize Being isolated
Vacations Not get vacations
Get promoted Never get promoted
Get along with your boss Don’t get along with your boss
Get along with your co-workers Don’t get along with your co-workers
Being transferred Not being transferred
Good salary Bad salary
Raise salary Don’t get a salary raise
Like your job Don’t like your job
You can buy your own things Get fired
Free days Extra hours
Feed your family Not get paid extra hours
Get a good position Not get your free day
Enjoy what you’re doing Job accumulation easy Too hard
Relaxing job stressful
Near home Far away from home
Like your office Don’t like your office
Social place Have to work at home too

The ‘Marla Restaurant’ is closing because the company is moving to Mexico City, so they have to laid off all of the ‘Marla’ workers.
Some workers feel very sad and some are very angry because they need those jobs; they really need the money because they have bills to pay and families to feed. Some of them do not have other jobs. This is the only one. Although, they say sometimes they get really bored, stressed for all the extra hours they work and not get paid and for the minimum salary they get, all of them liked their job. They all took along very

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