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South Africa is a middle-income, emerging market with an abundant supply of natural resources; well-developed financial, legal, communications, energy, and transport sectors; a stock exchange that is 18th largest in the world; and modern infrastructure supporting an efficient distribution of goods to major urban centers throughout the region.
This is a country that represents more stability and less risk to receive foreign investment. Because of their level of development to ensure the best for businesses from other countries. Current political and social system is stable in its majority, so the legal policies are also stable markets. As we know South Africa is moving into new businesses because it wants to expand its
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In 1948, the National Party was voted into power and instituted a policy of apartheid - the separate development of the races - which favored the white minority at the expense of the black majority. The African National Congress (ANC) led the opposition to apartheid and many top ANC leaders, such as Nelson MANDELA, spent decades in South Africa's prisons. Internal protests and insurgency, as well as boycotts by some Western nations and

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