Joanna's Story

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Early years
1.What did Joanna do to Tom at his birthday party?
Joanna joker and Tom broke the glass
2.How did Joanna protest about her punishment?
She doesn't eat.
3.What did Joanna look like compared to Clare?
Joanna is the oposite of Clare, she is small and blonde, short and little fat.
1.Why wasn’t Joanna nervous at the entrance exam?
Because she is more interesting in the boys that in the exam.
2.What was Clare and Joanna’s first “mission” at the grammar school?
Their first mission at the grammar school was to be kissed.
3.What special quality did Clare have?
She make a lot of friends very easy.
4.Why was Joanna really jealous of her friend a year later?
Joanna was really jealous
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15.What did Raul convince Ricardo to do while his parents were away?
Raul convinced Ricardo to take his parents car and go to a party.
16.Why did Pablo get into the car with Ricardo?
Because Pablo couldn’t let Ricardo drive being drunk.
17.Before he left hospital, what decision did Ricardo tell Pablo he had made?
He go to Alcoholics Anonymous.
18.How did Pablo react to Ricardo this time?
He is happy and continue being his friend.

1.What two good things happened to Anne in November?
Her mom buy a beautiful red dress and in Jennys party, Mark Churms asked her to dance and go to the cinema.
2.What two bad things does she speak about in the first half of December?
She cut with Mark because he was very boring for she.
3.What happened on Christmas Day?
Her parents didn’t speak at all, and later her dad got drunk and started crying in front of her.
4.Why is Anne so worried about her younger sister?
She is worried because Sarah is so disorientated.
1.What does Anne think is unacceptable about her mother’s behavior?
That her mother had have a relationship with another man.
2.What did her mother reveal to her during the holiday at Easter?
She revealed Anne that he have affair for the past year.
3.What is happening to Sarah at school?
Sarah didn't want be with others girls and she remain with the teacher and tak her hand.
4.Why did Anne and her sister go to stay with

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