Joy division (temas)

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Este Documento contiene 43 temas de Joy Division... me sirvio en tarea de musica, espero que les sirva, o simplemente para los fans, suerte!

Joy Division / Love will tear us apart joy division / isolation joy division / colony joy division / a means to an end joy division / heart and soul
Joy Division / Exercise one joy division / the eternal joy division / decades joy division / atrocity exhibition joy division / passover joy division / disorder joy division / day of the lords joy division / insight joy division / new dawn fades joy division / she's lost control joy division / shadowplay joy division / wildernes joy division / interzone
Joy division / i remember nothing joy division / candidate joy division / iceage
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lace in the show-down
I'll observe with a pitiful eye
And humble ask for forgiveness
A request well beyond you and I
Heart and soul, one will burn (2)
An abyss that lasted creation
A circus complete with all fools
Foundations that lasted the ages
Then ripped apart at their roots
Beyond all this good the terror
The grip of a mercenary hand
When savagery returns for good reason
There's no turning back the last stand
Heart and soul, one will burn (2)
Existence-well what does it matter
I exist on the best terms I can
The past is now part of my future
The present is well out of hand (2)
Heart and soul, one will burn (2)
One will burn, one will burn
Heart and Soul, one will burn

Twenty-four Hours

So this is permanence -
Love shattered pride
What once was innocence, turned on its side
A cloud hangs over me, marks every move
Deep in the memory, what once was love
Oh how I've realized, I wanted time
Put into perspective, try so hard to find
Just for one moment I thought
I'd got my way
Destiny unfolded - watched it slip away
Excessive flash points, beyond all reach
Solitary demands for all
I'd like to keep
Let's take a ride out, see what we can find
Valueless collection of hopes and past desires
I never realized the lengths
I'd have to go
All the darkest corners of a sense
I didn't know
Just for one moment - hearing someone call
Looked beyond the day in hand
There's nothing there at all
Now that I've realized how it's

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