Juegos olimpicos modernos (ingles)

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Modern Olympics
The modern Olympic Games were revived in its sporty appearance in 1896 by Pierre de Coubertin and until today still practiced.
In 1829 the French government, and in 1875, the German government, was excavated to unearth Olympia. In 1881 the ruins were completely bare.
Although always spoken of the revival of the Olympic Games, the fact is attributed to France and Pierre de Coubertin is called the father of the modern Olympic Games, the truth is that the first attempt was made in Greece, thanks to the enthusiasm of a Greek called Gospels Zappas, long before it was thought in France. So in Greece made the first modern Olympic Games on 15 November 1859, November 15, 1870, May 18, 1875 and May 18, 1889.
The attempt failed
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He had the encouragement and collaboration of the Catholic priest Henri Didon, which would be the inspiration for the Olympic motto "Citius, Altius, Fortius" (Faster, Higher, Stronger).
Coubertin presented his project to the Athletic Sports Union and Paris in late 1892, after a careful public relations work.
Coubertin was a persistent man and soon had an opportunity to request support from other countries, when the French Sports Union organized an international conference on Amateurism. The conference was held in 1894 and Coubertin got a surprisingly strong support from such prominent men as the Duke of Sparta, Prince of Wales, the Crown Prince of Sweden, King of Belgium and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Also present were delegates from Argentina, Greece, Russia, Italy and Spain. There were also official statements from Germany and Austria-Hungary, expressing interest in the project.
The enthusiastic delegates decided not to wait until 1900, the year that was considered appropriate to start to run the Olympics, but scheduled the event for the year 1896, in Athens, near the headquarters of the ancient Olympics. It was agreed that the Games are held every four years, moving

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