La administracion y la globalización

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ABSTRACT This paper shows some aspects that we were watching during this course of discourse analysis, although the main objective of this paper is to present a schoolwork, analysis and results about a study about how the use of L1 affect or help in the English classroom. Research consists about to analyze in minute detail the use of L1 in the classroom, research was applied with students of extension courses of level 5. The idea was evaluate, compare and prove that exists several aspects concerning with the use of L1, sometimes it is seen like positive and sometimes as negative.
The next research presents an study about how there are advantages and disadvantages according with the use of L1 in the classroom. The
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It was necessary to apply the instrument for some teachers, with the purpose to compare in both cases, for that reason instrument was applied for 3 teachers.
To compare and to analyze aspects about the use of L1 it was necessary to identify what are the most common variables. For that reason you will notice some aspects that are in common for students and for Teachers.
It was important to consider positive aspects and negative, for example why (students and teacher) think that are positive things and negative aspects.
L1 in the classroom can be divided into positive aspects and negative aspects, before examining use of L1 of the students in detail, the teacher should always consider the reasons for his use of the L1 in the classroom. He/she need to take in consideration why he/she uses the l1 and why the reason or purpose is. Referring the use of L1 is important that Students try to use English as much as possible because they need to make good use of the English class and the main idea is that they are learning a new language and they need to practice using it. But contrasting with the use of English in the English classroom the main idea about this research is when or why students and teacher use L1 in the English classroom? For example you need to think in the following situation. You are an English Teacher and you need to transmit an

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