La bella durmiente (obra en ingles)

1148 palabras 5 páginas
NARRATOR: Many years ago in a very distant land, there was a kingdom ruled by two rulers.
KING: Dear Queen. Many years have gone but we haven’t been able to have a child. I’m really sad.
QUEEN: Your sadness won’t last for along; I have a surprise for you. Soon our child will be born and he or she will be the ruler of our land.
KING: how happy I am. I’m the happiest king on earth.

NARRATOR: Soon, the queen bore a beautiful baby girl. The king and queen were really happy.
KING: (TILIN, TILIN) secretary, come with something to write on. I have to command some things best party ever celebrated in the history of our kingdom.
QUEEN: I think it´s a great idea! Let’s get to work!
SECRETARY: Were you calling me, your majesty?
KING: Yes,
…ver más…
MAID OPF COMPANY: Princess, princess, help, help!
OLD WOMAN: Ja Ja Ja. My wishes have come true. After the princess sprung her finger, she was fallen asleep forever.
MAID OF COMPANY: Get out of here, bad woman! Let´s take her to the bedroom.
NARRATOR: And the princess remained asleep very deeply… And all the inhabitants in the kingdom fell asleep, too.

NARRATOR: And many years went by. Since the gardeners were asleep, everything was a mess. The grass had grown a lot.

NARRATOR: one day, a prince was hunting in this land. What’s that above the grass? A castle? A palace?
SHEPHERD ONE: Yes, a palace. Nobody has gone for one hundred years.
SHEPHERD TWO: They say. That a beautiful princess sleeps in one bedroom. That’s all I know, Sir.
PRINCE: Thank you! Show the way in. I want to meet that princess.
SHEPHERD THREE: Follow me, Sir.
NARRATOR: they headed to the palace gates. The trees moved their leaves and whispered aloud.
PRINCE: will she be here? Let´s hit open the door.
SHEPHERD THREE: today I will meet a princess.
NARRATOR: the prince becomes surprised when he sees the princess.
SHEPHERD THREE: it´s wonderful…! How beautiful she is!
PRINCE: will she be alive or dead?
SHEPHERD ONE: in this case, you kiss the princess.
PRINCE: OK. I will do it!
NARRATOR: when the princess felt the prince´s kiss, she woke up from her long sleep, and was really happy when she saw the handsome prince in front of her.
PRINCESS: oh are

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