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10 Formulas for Great Product Development
“Why is my New Product Development pipeline too slow, too expensive and lacking innovation?”
I hear this question all the time from frustrated Orthopedic leaders, so I thought I would share the formulas that have worked for me. This article boils down 25 years of Product Development experience into 10 Rules you can use to help your Teams execute at a higher level.
Tiger’s 10 Rules
Rule #1 – Match team strength to project complexity
I often see too little horsepower for big strategic new product development, which leads to projects that go nowhere. Draw a matrix, and put all of your projects into one of the four quadrants (Complex or “Me too” by Line Addition or Strategic)
The rule of thumb
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Why do teams insist on using old tools like email, PPT & spreadsheets to communicate? There are a myriad of tools available at your disposal - Huddle, Basecamp, Onehub, DropBox, Webex, GoToMeeting & Skype, out there. Use these tools for: * Visibility of project status * Workspaces * Document sharing * Virtual meetings * Web conferencing * Whiteboarding * Project management * Dashboard * File sharing
Rule #8 – Recognize the wall
This is a big Achilles heel. Teams must learn how to say “Uncle”! Most project teams hit “the Wall” and don’t even know they are there. And if they see the wall, they believe that asking for help is “counter-intuitive” to their mission (after all, the Engineers are supposed to be the problem solvers).
Here are 5 ways get over the “the Wall” and get back on track 1. Go back and redefine the “Unmet Need” or purpose of the product 2. Add or borrow the missing technical expertise to solve a complex problem 3. Eliminate some of the design variables to better navigate a solution 4. Re-engage the Design Surgeon on the team 5. Add “Weight” to the Team if

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