La cocina prehispanica en mexico

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What is a text? The text is the top unit communication and organizational competence of the speaker. Its size is variable and corresponds to a comprehensible whole that has a communicative purpose in a given context. The communicative, pragmatic and allows structural identification. However, the description of a text, consider factors related to the discourse competence, status and rules specific to the textual level.
Types of texts (narrative, informative, descriptive, technological, and scientific manual)
Narratives: The narrative is a text type which have made real or imaginary In undertaking the analysis of narrative texts is necessary to study the history and actions that make (argument), the characters that take place, time and
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military networks.
Others also have succeeded, he said, with adversaries acquiring "thousands of files from U.S. networks and from the networks of U.S. allies and industry partners, including weapons blueprints, operational plans, and surveillance data."
In response, he wrote, the Pentagon has built layered defenses around military networks and launched the new U.S. Cyber Command to "integrate cyberdefense operations across the military."
"The Pentagon is now working with the Department of Homeland Security to protect government networks and critical infrastructure and with the United States' closest allies to expand these defenses internationally," Lynn

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