La concurrencia y prelación de créditos.

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Alexandra García Velázquez
College Program Achievement Inventory
Marketing You – 264906
Penny Hightower
Due Week Five- Monday, October 15th, 2012

“Solved problems and resolve conflicts”

As I was carrying on with my day normally coming out of my restroom I saw a little girl that had fell out of the stroller. There was no parent in sight so I approached her asking her if she’s okay? She began to cry. The first thought to my head was don’t’ panic and try remain patient and calm. I helped the little girl get back on her stroller. After I assisted the little girl I started to communicate with her and asking her where is her mom. Before I even knew it I saw her mom and her sister coming in from the corner to see what happened to
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I prepared myself well with the things I would use to do this duty. I was very cautious in not getting the code v on myself and I was very helpful to the people in the merchandise shop because I was taking care of the task, and most importantly keeping up good show for the guest.

“Demonstrated adaptability and flexibility”

I was working in my assigned restrooms when I suddenly get a call from one of my coordinators. My coordinator had told me that she needed my help by the main entrance gate. I told her that I would meet her there. Thankfully I was working the main entrance restrooms. I stopped to do my restroom duties for a moment to go help her. As I walked up to my coordinator and the guests I analyzed that they might speak Spanish, and I was right. My coordinator tells me that they do speak Spanish and that she need my help to traduce to her what they are trying to communicate to her. I ask them in a professional Disney manner what they need help with. They tell me that they need to catch a bus to one of the other parks, specifically Magic Kingdom. I translate this to my manager so she can understand what we are talking about. I was very patient in listening what the guest wanted. And I understood them completely knowing that Spanish is my first language. I tell them that I will take a moment to explain this to my coordinator. And so I continue on to advice the guest that they can either take either this certain bus and it will take them to Magic

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