La depresion

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BitTorrent File Sharing Protocol Over the past 20 years, programmers have demonstrated that Peer-to-Peer is the global standard method for delivering high-quality files over the Internet. The first generation who starts utilizing file sharing was Napster. Shawn Fanning, from Boston along with two friends Jordan Ritter, from Boston and Sean Parker, from Virginia released the original Napster in June of 1999. (Ambrosek, 2006, p. 38) Kazaa was the second generation of file sharing, later in March of 2001 three young programmers from Europe, Niklas Zennström, Janus Friis, and Priit Kasesalu introduced to Internet users a new software that replaced Napster due to legal copy right violations (Moschovitis Group, 2005, p. 214).
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If enough leecher follows this pattern the torrent eventually dies out. Some BitTorrent websites have attempted to address this by recording each user's download and upload ratio for all or just the user to see, as well as the provision of access to newer torrent files to people with better ratios. Viruses are another problem that affects users utilizing BitTorrent. You should treat something downloaded with BitTorrent just like any file downloaded from the Internet that is, if you don't trust the source of the file, then you should use caution when opening it. Every user must have an Antivirus and Spyware software install on the computer before using any BitTorrent client.
What technologies are built on BitTorrent? According to Greg (2001), BitTorrent protocol is constantly increasing. One of the biggest improvements is the torrent tracker. Originally, when the bit torrent protocol was invented, one had to utilize a bit torrent tracker file. In order to overcome this, a new technology was built. In order to accomplish this new technology, the DHT was created. This DHT creates a unique hash key for each and every BitTorrent file. Another big change is the use of a virtual torrent in which your software sends an instant message to any other computer using the same software to tell them what files you

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