La educacion y el gobierno en la polis, platon

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1. To prepare a cake first you have to mix the ingredients,second you have to bake, and third, enjoy them! 2. I cook a cake, then my brother ate it. 3. I went to the beach, soon I was tanned. 4. I cleaned my house, in the meantime I was listening the radio. 5. You have to wash your fruits and vegetables before eat them. 6. I was watching TV when the phone rang. 7. Many people died during Vietnam’s war. 8. We wanted to go to the cinema, at last we decided to go shopping. 9. Drinking tea after doing exercise is a good tip to lose weight. 10. My dog become very aggressive as soon as my mom bring a cat home. 11. As soon as I wake up,i check my cell phone. 12. I’m doing my homework, while I'm watching …ver más…

E-mails are useful to send letters or other information in an electronic way, similarly to the mail, but easier. 31. He buy flowers for his mom’s birthday like the last year. 32. Hamburgers and hot-dogs are my brother’s favorite food. 33. Alcohol damage your body, in the same way as cigarettes, but faster. 34. I need to buy a dress for my graduation, in a like manner my sister, who graduates from high school. 35. I baked a chocolate cake,also I cooked chewy chocolate chip cookies. 36. She is a very religious person and likewise attend mass every Sunday without fail. 37. His mom read him a story every night, just as her parents when she was a child. 38. Both my grandfather and my brother play baseball in the yard. 39. The movie was good, but it wasn’t my favorite. 40. She’s on diet. However she doesn’t lose much weight. 41. All bubblegum contain rubber. Conversely, not all things which contain rubber are bubblegum. 42. You are a very good looking man, on the other hand I have boyfriend and I can’t date anyone else. 43. While Karen is good at grammar, Luis is good in pronunciation. 44. I haven’t do my homework yet, so I don’t know if I’m going to have time enough to finish it. 45. In contrast to Neptune which is the coolest planet , Mercury is the warmest and closest planet to the sun. 46. Unlike most of the people, I prefer winter than summer. 47. Because of the assisted reproduction many single

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