La espera

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Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive FAQ/walkthrough
Written by Nadia Varkovsky (
Last updated June 25, 2001 (Final Version)

First of all, I would like to proudly dedicate this FAQ to Grace Yeo. I love you :)
Secondly, this FAQ is also dedicated to all game producers out there so that they will work harder and bring more excellent games to us.


1. Updates
2. Introduction
3. Game Background & Overview
4. Characters and Equipment
5. Tips
6. Walkthrough Mission 1 : An Old Friend Mission 2 : Southern Comfort Mission 3 : Smoke Signals Mission 4 : Hang'm High! Mission 5 : Doc McCoy's Cabin Mission 6
…ver más…

They follow Smith's information, which finally leads them to Sanchez, the leader of another gang...


4. Characters and Equipment

All six characters in the game will be explained here as well as the functions of their individual equipment and special abilities that they possess: ***JOHN COOPER***

Cooper is the leader of the group and he is the only one that you can control from the beginning to the end excluding the other team members' tutorial missions.


This is Cooper's sidearm, which is very useful in some situations that require fast shooting. It holds six bullets in the chamber and has to be reloaded every time the bullets expired.

This is Cooper's only weapon that can render enemy unconscious.
However, if an enemy is repeatedly punched, he will eventually die so keep that in mind as well but otherwise this is very useful to knock off those annoying civilians sometimes.

Cooper can simply use his knife to kill an enemy stealthily from behind or he could also throw the knife to get the same effect. The knife- throwing technique can't be done from far away or it will lose its full effect, also the knife throwing has to be done closer during nightfall than daylight.
Cooper can also use his knife to cut ropes and horse saddles as well.

This is some kind of decoy that Cooper can used to lure

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