La felicidad como concepto etico

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10.x (who knows?) Less bugs (there are much less already). 10.0.9 (26/10/2011) Bugfixes: Fixed rare APDC bug. Harmor: fixed absolute ramp speed+high quality bug. Harmor: fixed bug in max height check for imported images. Harmor: fixed bug in image sharpening. Fixed playlist bug when accessing tracks over 99. Fixed tiny problem in envelope editor hint. Patcher: fixed porta bug
FPC: fixed randomized layer selection when there's only one layer to choose from Additions: Harmor: Mod XYZ smoothing now controls filter freq smoothing as well. Synthmaker 2.0.5 10.0.8 (5/09/2011) Bugfixes: Fixed bug in automation of channel
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FL VSTi: fixed freeze on export in Cubase Additions: Wrapper: added IAudioPresentationLatency support for VST 3 plugins Reversed behavior when left/right clicking on mixer arming button. 10.0.0 (29/03/2011) Bugfixes: Fixed problem with sidechain selectors in Vocodex. Fixed tiny bug in envelope filter tool. Fixed rendering start time problem. Fixed small bug on playlist loop marker deletion. Fixed bug when deleting playlist clips through their menu. Fixed bug when undoing recording of audio+piano roll when there were no notes yet. Fixed crash when sending presets directly to plugin window in some rare cases. Fixed bug in Fruity Love Philter's waveshaper. Fixed sample browser's hot hint minor bug. Fixed bug in Fruity Convolver's own smart disabling. Slicex & Fruity Convolver now store local filenames (avoiding searching). Audio clip positions now snapped to samples (better for linear interpolator). FL VSTi: fixed crash on close in other hosts. DirectWave: improved sfz import. Fixed bug in playlist song loop marker when piano roll pops up. Bugfix in Riff Machine's randomization. Additions: New project browser.

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