La mujer del juez english version

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La mujer del Juez
The judge's wife.
(Adapted from a story by Isabel Allende).

Nicolas Vidal always knew he would be killed by a woman. He predicted the day of his birth, but never imagined it would cause Casilda, the wife of Judge Hidalgo. The first saw the day she came to town to marry and did not find attractive. Transparent, looking shifty and thin fingers, he was inconsistent as a handful of dust. Knowing well his fate, took care to women, limited to quick meetings to circumvent the loneliness. Observed the lady at the capital when it under the car on his wedding day and like all villagers, Vidal thought the bride would not withstand the weather, hobbies or bad mood of the bachelor of her husband. Judge Hidalgo twice her age and
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As the site offered no protection, told his wife that children ride in the car and pressed the pedal to the metal. But it was written that Vidal would meet that day with the woman who had fled forever.
Exhausted by the experienced situation, the heart of Judge Hidalgo hit a jump and broke quietly. The car left the road and Casilda took a few minutes to realize what happened. He never imagined that her husband would leave her and, at the mercy of their enemies. He understood the need to put their children safe and in a natural cave on top of a hill, left the children telling them that under no circumstances leave the place until the guards arrived to rescue them.
Descended the hill, reached the car, under the lids of her husband and sat down to wait. He did not have to wait a long time. Nicolas Vidal was presented alone without their men, because that was a private matter to be arranged between the two. With a look he realized that his enemy was safe from any punishment. Casilda kept the revolver and smiled. The judge's wife she used all the resources of seduction to give this man the greatest delight. He worked on his body and refinement of his spirit are put to the service of their cause. Every minute after the detachment of guards approached, but so prodigious that woman approached. But at some point was abandoned Casilas, marveling at their own sensuality, and felt for this man something like gratitude. So

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