La obra metamorfosis

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By: Alinne Lorena López Sánchez

Introduction What is a tsunami? What was the tsunami in Japan? Why did it happen? Results of the disaster Consequences - Conclusions - bibliography

What is a Tsunami?
Tsunamis are a series of waves, and are generated in an ocean or other body of water, because of earthquake (landslides), volcanic eruption or meteorite impact. Tsunamis generated extensive damage when they hit the coast. The waves are monstrously huge, really have very little to do with tides, so the term "tidal wave" is actually incorrect. The tsunami caused by an earthquake under the deep sea. Earthquakes occur when large blocks of the
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The tsunami warning issued by Japan was the most serious on its warning local scale, implying that expected a wave of 10 meters. Finally a 0.5 meter wave hit the northern coast of Japan. Kyodo news agency reported that a 4-meter tsunami height had beaten the Iwate Prefecture in Japan. There was a wave of 10 meters high at the airport in Sendai, in Miyagi Prefecture, which was flooded, with waves that swept away cars and buildings as they ventured into land. Japan reported more than 6,900 deaths from earthquake and tsunami & 10700 disappeared by the earthquake and tsunami. Thousands destrosadas to see their heritage in ruins, a day that began as normal as any other, ended up being one of the most tragic days in the history of Japan.

All either natural disaster or manmade awakens a sense of solidarity among those not affected. Nationalism or patriotism expressions correspond with common after a disaster. In part, the survivors are believed guilty for having lost their loved ones, but they know who have survived by his qualities, which can range from physical strength or divine discretion. These excited states allow the community to rebuild and try to restore their production.

There is a specialist in the subject, Maximilian E. Korstanje, it is interesting that explains how the sense of ethnicity or national after a disaster is a

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