La produccion industrial

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B. Mialon, T. Fol, C. Bonnaud ONERA, Applied Aerodynamics Department, F92320 Châtillon, France Airbus France, 316, Route de Bayonne, 3060, Toulouse Cedex 03, France Seditec, Groupe Aeroconseil, 3, rue Dieudonné Costes, BP75, 31703, Blagnac Cedex, France of this program has been carried out by Airbus France and ONERA, with two main objectives : - to assess the cruise aerodynamics performance of a viable flying wing, in order to prepare future experimental work ; - to get basic knowledge on the sensitivities to geometrical parameters, on the design process and on the existing tool relevance. The focus here is on high speed, clean wing aerodynamics design. The
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Maximum thickness

The trim: the aircraft should be longitudinally trimmed at cruise, which means that the pitching moment must be zero naturally (without tail); - The longitudinal stability: a zero static margin is the target for the optimization output; - The maximum angle of attack is imposed, in order to respect an acceptable deck angle; - The volume of the pressurized area : a minimum value is imposed for each configuration; - The maximum thickness of airfoils is fixed on the outboard wing; - The planform is imposed. Finally, the degrees of freedom of the design problem are basically the airfoil shapes (thickness and camber) and the twist distribution.


Numerical methods used
Configuration 1 Configuration 2

Analysis In total, not less than three aerodynamic codes have been used for the analysis of the initial and modified shapes. The CANARI code, developed at ONERA5, is a general Euler and Navier-Stokes solver for structured multi-block meshes. It has been validated for a large number of fundamental and complex practical applications, including external and internal flows for subsonic, transonic and supersonic flows. This code has been used as a Euler solver. The viscous effects are taken into account through a weak coupling with an ONERA boundary layer code, 3C3D6. This coupled tool has been validated, in particular for civil aircraft applications, for non separated flows. The NSMB code7 has been used by

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