La respuesta de america latina a la crisis del capitalismo

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Neoliberal Capitalism in Crisis, a Latin American solution the world global ecological, economic and social crisis.

In many ways, Latin America has been the testing ground for capitalism’s most radical policies; from the Monroe and Truman doctrines to the neoliberal Shock Therapy. This is how the US has continuously imposed its imperial domination over the American Continent. Armed interventions to overthrow democratically elected governments and direct support of oppressive right wing dictators that implement pro-American policies has plagued Latin America for almost two centuries. Neoliberal theories promoted by the US and the Breton Woods institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank
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In fact, in the US they are legally bound to have no other concern than the maximisation of profits for their stakeholders. They thus can’t care less about the millions of people they force to work 12 hours a day in inhuman conditions for a miserable pay that rarely exceeds 14 dollars per week. They also don’t care about the environmental impacts of their activities that they regard as simple externalities.
In fact, multinational companies have promoted a culture of mass consumption that is destroying our planet.
Indeed, it wasn’t enough to control our government; corporations also had to control our media. Since advertisement is the single most important source of revenue for every existing modern form of media; companies that pay for advertisement have an unprecedented say on our culture. We are so abusively bombarded by capitalist advertisement that our culture is entirely devoted to consumption. Indeed, our society has given us the illusion of happiness through material wealth, individual achievement by reckless competition as well as superficial and interested human relations. In many ways, we have forgotten what life is truly about and we have so much work and unfulfilled material needs in our minds that we don’t even have time to realise it.
This culture of mass consumption has already caused an average increase of the world’s temperature by 1 degree Celsius. This might not sound like much

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