La selección cultural del curriculum

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On the day that I left Saturn, one of my fellow prisoners told me that since she had known me her opinión of “GREENS” had fallen even lower than it had been before. “his hit me especially had because she was a woman whom I deeply respected and also because had secretly imagined myself to be living a life as a “GREEN” witness among the rebels. She said that when I decided not to speak about my prison experiences because of the risks involved. She was hardly able to speak to me. She condemned me for professing to be a “GREEN” without having the courage to act like one. It was the that I conceived that I owed it to the members of the camp to speak for them and against Saturnian dictatorship. It became clear to me that, whatever the
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Although never member of the communist party, Mayakovsky became the troubadour of the revolution and bolshevism and he was a superb propagandist, creating thousands of poems, advertisements, posters and slogans to sell Leninand the soviets to the masses. Matching the age in which he lived, Mayakovsky was dramatic and demanding. His emotions his love of women, his need for love, his need to belong, his loneliness were, like his physical presence, larger that life.
Spokesman: person chosen to speak on behalf of group.
7. Which of the following ideas present in the text?
a) Mayakovsky didn’t agree with Sergel Esenin.
b) Mayakovsky wanted to denounce Lenin to the masses.
c) The goal of Mayakovsky was to proclaimtheRusian Revolution.
d) Stalin didn’t hesitated to call Mayakovsky a Saint of Revolution.
8. According to the author, Mayakovsky was a
a) lonely man hombre solo
b) ladies’ man mujeriego
c) strong person persnoa fuerte
d) political publicist publicista politico
9. When the author says that Mayakovsky was “demanding” she means that he
a) gave orders dio ordenes
b) was rigorous era

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