Laboratorio física i análisis de un experimento

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A few friends decided to go on holiday at Christmas. After much thought and discussion the most convenient place for all, decided to go to a big house on the outskirts of a small town. When they reached the house was not as they imagined it, was somewhat mysterious and warned the landlord that strange things happened that house. They did not believe the landlord, just wanted to have fun this week, and enjoy being together, and that for a long time not seen, what they did not know what would happen in that house. Upon arrival each chose a room. At dinner time decided to prepare something to celebrate that they were all together and having fun, after dinner came the drinks, loud music ... at the time that they were having better while they …ver más…

Leaving the door closed and locks suddenly reappeared in the same place. The boys were frightened and ran out of the room but before they had time to leave the door closed. They saw a woman a bit strange, like from another era and scowling. The friends were frightened and tried to open the door but could not. The woman laughed loudly. Nobody ever came to know more of those friends, who went to the house with plans to have fun a week. Some say they are still in the house with the strange woman but do not let them out. Others say he killed them all, one by one. Nobody knows what happened to them.


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