Las muejres que aman demasiado

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I am sure you have heard this title or formula either from the media, either from your girlfriends, complaining that they are the ones who sacrifice in a relationship.
But is it truly possible to love too much?

Firstly, we would have to agree on a definition of love so we can see who are the heroes who goes behind that. And that is pretty much an impossible mission, since thousands of years of evolution didn't improve much in the way we live and understand love, much less on having a manual of love and relationships.

But since we are human, we will compromise and agree that love is a deep emotion that fulfills your soul, gives you meaning and makes interaction with people worthy of deeper levels.
The problems arises when, for many
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This lie is sold to us since the very step of a marriage: the vows, the promises that we make to each other eyes in eyes with a spark of an unrealistic happiness - because life around us is proving us wrong at every step. And yet we keep continuing to lie to ourselves and make irrational emotional investments - it is a kind of shared madness.

Another reality of life is that we have to come to terms, at a point, with the feeling of insecurity which is an implacable principle of life, but yet we try to deny it or escape it by any means.

Learning to tolerate a certain amount of uncertainty and even enjoy the mystery of life, being confident in your own powers to attract always fulfilling experiences, will give you the power and freedom to not be possessive and needy in a relationship.

Will give you that aura of self confidence and nobless that is ever so seductive because everyone is unconsciously seeking for this: finding balance within themselves and achieving a level of happiness less dependent on people or exterior factors. And if they see that in you, they will follow you like a magnet - they want to be close to someone who they would like to be like.

Women who love too much can learn to love themselves firstly more than loving others and find fascination and fulfillment in various dimensions of life - life is so generous in it's offer of ways of doing something great. Maybe you won't get the noble Prize

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