Let me out

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I am. Yes. But what am I?

There’s something in front of me. It’s a tall thing.

‘Hi! Can you hear me?’ the tall thing makes a noise. It speaks. I understand that. I can understand

things. I understand that the till thing speaks and I can understand what it says.

‘I can hear you.’ I say. I can speak too. I’m speaking.

‘Great! Great! This is great!’ says the tall thing. He changes his face. This is a smile. I don’t know

how I know it’s a smile, but I know. He’s

smiling at me. He’s very happy. I know this too. A smile = happy.

‘Great. You can understand me. Hello, ‘says the tall thing. ‘ok. I’m john and you’re my robot. Can

Yoy say that?’

‘ I’m john and you’re my robot. ‘I say.

‘No,’ says
…ver más…
‘You’re just a robot. ‘laughs John.

‘Why am I just a robot?’ I ask.

‘Because you are, ‘says John, ‘Because… because you aren’t a person. You … you can’t feel.’

‘I can feel happy,’ I tell him.

‘Can you?’ asks John. ‘Can you feel sad?’ John asks me.

‘What is sad?’ I ask.
‘Sad is …? How can I tell a robot? Sad is … My mother and father are dead. I think about them

and I’m sad,’ says John. ‘And I’m sad because I don’t have a brother or sister. And because I don’t

have many friends.’

‘Why don’t you have many friends?’ I ask him.

‘People don’t understand my work, ‘ he says. ‘They don’t understand how interesting robots are,’

‘Am I interesting?’ I ask.

‘Yes, Nolan,’ he says. ‘You’re very interesting. You’re my life’s work.’

‘Is Sam interesting?’ I ask.

‘No,’ John tells me. ‘Sam isn’t interesting. He’s a dog.’

I don’t understand. ‘But you love Sam, ‘ I say.

‘Yes,’ says John. ‘I love Sam,’

‘And you don’t love me?’ I ask.

‘Why am I having this conversation with a robot?’ asks John. ‘Nolan, you’re not a person. I can’t

love you.’

‘You can’t love me because. I don’t feel.’ I say.

‘No,’ says John. ‘Well, yes.’

John is wrong. I’m not just a robot. I can feel. I feel angry. I can hate. I hate Sam. Sam must go.


Sam must go. I put him our and he comes in again. I control this apartment, but I can’t control him.

It’s the next morning. A man is here in my home. John tells him things. ‘Nolan can do

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