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La Llorona
This legend began in XVI century when the mexican conquest was done.
But, "La Llorona" has her beginnings in the aztec mythology. They said she was the aztec goddes "Chihuacóatl, The Race Protector".
The aztec people saw her dressed with a white dress on the texcoco lake.
She screamed "Ay, mis hijos" but in lament way.
The legend of "La Llorona" has changed just a little since it began.
Some people say that she screams "Ay mis hijos", but other people say that she just regrets.
The history tells us that she had 3 kids, and she was very sad because her husband left her, and then, she killed her kids and throwed them to a lake. After that, she commited suicide.
A lot of people says that they have seen the spirit of "La
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He never returned and She fell in depression. Then, She was very sad and commited suicide.
A lot of patients say that they have seen a nurse who dressed an impeccable uniform and She give them their medicines, but the doctors says that they never sended a nurse to give them that.
They think that the spirit of Eulalia came back to take care the patients who are neglected or nobody takes care about them.
The woman of the Train Crash
Spirit of the Train

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