Leyes de newton en relacion a satelites

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"Un cuerpo mantiene un movimiento uniforme a menos que una fuerza actúe sobre él"

Por eso los satélites orbitan por encima de la atmósfera terrestre, pues así la fuerza de rozamiento no reduce su velocidad y por tanto aumenta el tiempo que el satélite se mantiene en órbita.



Esta no afecta en la órbita, pues la fuerza de atracción terrestre sobre el satélite es Fg=G * (M/m) / (r^2) donde M es la masa de la Tierra y m la del satélite. Si igualamos nos queda: G * (M/m) / (r^2) = m * a , luego podemos dejarlo como a = G * M / (r^2). Esta es la razón de que dos objetos caigan al mismo tiempo independientemente de su masa (si no hubiera rozamiento con el aire)

Durante el lanzamiento sí afecta, puesto que
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The important thing to remember here is that you are not moving in relation to your immediate surroundings. If rest were defined as a total absence of motion, it would not exist in nature. Even if you were sitting in your chair at home, you would still be moving, because your chair is actually sitting on the surface of a spinning planet that is orbiting a star. The star is moving through a rotating galaxy that is, itself, moving through the universe. While sitting "still," you are, in fact, traveling at a speed of hundreds of kilometers per second.
Motion is also a relative term. All matter in the universe is moving all the time, but in the first law, motion here means changing position in relation to surroundings. A ball is at rest if it is sitting on the ground. The ball is in motion if it is rolling. A rolling ball changes its position in relation to its surroundings. When you are sitting on a chair in an airplane, you are at rest, but if you get up and walk down the aisle, you are in motion. A rocket blasting off the launch pad changes from a state of rest to a state of motion.
The third term important to understanding this law is unbalanced force. If you hold a ball in your hand and keep it still, the ball is at rest. All the time the ball is held there though, it is being acted upon by forces. The force of gravity is trying to pull the ball downward, while at the same time your hand is pushing against the ball to hold it up. The forces

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