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''Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs''

• Narrated: Carolina Forero
• Snow White: Valentina Castañeda, Judy Alape
• Witch: Ana Maria Vela
• Prince: Fabio Ardila
• Dwarf 1 (Grumpy): Angie Fajardo
• Dwarf 2 (Sleepy): Tatiana Real
• Dwarf 3 (Doc): Sebastian Alvarez
• Dwarf 4 (Dopey): Brayan Arroyabe
• Dwarf 5 (Bashful): Oscar Sanchez
• Dwarf 6 (sneeze): Jessica Campuzano
• Dwarf 7 (Happy): Astrid Rojas
• Mirror: Jessica Campuzano
• Hunter: Juan Carlos Martinez
• Snow White Mother: Judy Alape
• King: Sebastian Alvarez
Narrator: Once upon a time, a beautiful queen who wished with all her being the arrival of a daughter, a girl. One day sitting by the window in its ring ebony, pricked her finger with the needle and a few drops of
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Dwarf 2: I did not say gold.
Dwarf 3: You said gold?
Dwarf 4: its gold, gold.
Dwarf 5: Shhhhh, they'll wake up (He covers his face)
Dwarf 6: if she is alive (sneezes)
Dwarf 7: She is beautiful
Dwarf 2: We can't leave her here
Dwarf 1: Why not? She was here.
Dwarf 6: maybe she is lost, or know how to return home
Dwarf 4: is Gretel.
Dwarf 3: (Laughs) Gretel is another story, silly... And besides she was with her brother Hansel remember?
(Snow White stands)
Snow White: Who are you?
(All speak at once)
Snow White: No, no, no, no, not all at once I don’t understand…
Dwarf 1: We
Dwarf 2: Are
Dwarf 3: the
Dwarf 4: Seven
Dwarf 5: Dwarfs
Dwarf 6: And we’re
Dwarf 7: honest and hardworking
(All the dwarves at a time)
Dwarfs: Who are you? What are you doing here?
Snow White: I am a poor girl who needs a job.
Dwarf 1: you know cooking?
Snow White: yes, I cook
Dwarf 3: You know singing?
Snow White: Yes, I sing
Dwarf 4: sweep you know?
Snow White: Yes, I sweep
Dwarf 5: You know making beds?
Snow White: Yes, I can
Dwarf 6: clean you know?
Snow White: Yes, I clean
Dwarf 7: you dance
Snow White: Just a little.
(All dwarves know how to dance)
Dwarf 3: Stop
Dwarf 7: go home.
Narrator: Dwarfs Snow White takes with them to home. It's a very tiny house, with seven seats, seven saucers, seven cups, seven covered, seven tables and seven little beds.
Dwarf 1: The

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