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Wednesday, 5th of May 2010

Heart Attack Grill

A meal to die for

1. Introduction to the business idea

While all the restaurants try to offer new healthy choices to their customers, there is one which stands out from the rest; The Heart Attack Grill, where you cannot have healthy choices.

Jon Basso came up with his idea five years ago whilst he was writing a marketing thesis about fitness training studios and became inspired by the confessions of its clients who were cheating on their diets. Then he made a controversial marketing plan using a controversial marketing strategy that challenged all others.

The result is a fast food restaurant located in Chandler, Arizona in the U.S.A. which does not have qualms on writing on
…ver más…

They are not in search of a romantic evening, so in this respect there should not be any problems of intangibility.

In relation to the clientele’s reaction to the restaurant’s staff, Mr. Boss ensures that he has the best waitresses working for him. How? By hiring the most beautiful, sexy, charming and funny girls he can find. Because in this restaurant, the waitresses are not only there to serve but are also part of the brand’s image and are an important part of their guest’s experience.

This is the reason why you will only find cute girls dressed like nurses, who have perfect bodies and will always give you a beautiful smile and love to provide a cheerful atmosphere in the restaurant by dancing to the rhythm of the coolest music. These girls are such an important part of the business that you can find a t-shirt of each of them at the restaurant’s website and why not have the pleasure of their permanent company?

2.3 Perishability:

How are the problems of the demand resolved in this restaurant? First of all, it is not a problem if there is a lower demand than optimum supply level because even if there are not many customers in the restaurant, it will still maintain its atmosphere. The nurses are always there to distract

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