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Engineering Applicant Guide

Handbook to completing your admissions application & residence selection

Thank you for your application to U of T Engineering. Every year, the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering attracts top math and science students from around the world. Last year’s incoming class was the most diverse in our Faculty’s history, with students joining us from all Canadian provinces and every continent. The cultural diversity of our student body is part of what makes our Faculty unique.
2 | Engineering Applicant Guide 2011–2012 | International 105

U of T Engineering has earned an international reputation for excellence in teaching and research. Our Faculty currently ranks 9th in North America for
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It is important that you read both of these documents carefully to make sure your application to the University of Toronto is complete. This is especially important if you have applied to more than one program at U of T. This booklet focuses on your next steps as an applicant to U of T Engineering.

6 | Engineering Applicant Guide 2011–2012 | International 105

2 Visit the Engineering Applicant Portal
The Engineering Applicant Portal (www.apsc.utoronto.ca/myportal) allows you to access information about your application to U of T Engineering. Visit the Engineering Applicant Portal to:
1. Check the status of your application
Check the current status of your application and see when the Engineering Undergraduate Admissions Office receives your packages and documents. You can also see what documents we are waiting to receive.

2. Complete your Student Profile Form (SPF) and pay the Engineering Assessment Fee
See page 18 for important information about completing the SPF.

3. Complete your Residence Preference Form (RPF).
See page 15 for information about the RPF.

4. Print mailing labels and track packages
When you are ready to mail documents to the Engineering Undergraduate Admissions Office, please affix a barcode-encoded mailing label to the envelope. We’ve included labels with this package, but more can be printed from the Engineering Applicant Portal. Attaching a label to your envelope

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