Lorenzo`s oil

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.Section 3: a) Define the following terms: (70 pts) a. Diagnosis: Medical diagnosis refers both to the process of attempting to determine or identify a possible disease or and to the opinion reached by this process diagnostic opinion.

b. Prognosis: The expected course of a disease.

c. Saturated fat: A saturated fat is any lipid (fat) which contains no c carbon-carbon double bonds

c. Immunosuppressant: An agent that suppresses the body's immune response.

d. Chemotherapy: The treatment of disease, esp. cancer, by the use of chemical substances
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e. Orphan disease: A disease which has not been
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(10 pts) Polish rats with a fatty-acid storage disease When the rats were deprived of a specific fat in their diet,... their body cells compensated by overproducing it. So if this holds true for humans... they stop the rats producing one kind of fat... by loading their diet with another kind. So maybe it could stop Lorenzo's body from producing C24 and C26... by loading his diet with another kind of fat, one that's less harmful.

c) What are C-24 and C-26 fatty acids? (10 pts) long-chain fatty acids

d) Explain why Lorenzo went into convulsions when saliva entered his trachea. (10 Pts) It's a paroxysm. It's triggered by saliva in the windpipe, some saliva gets caught in the trachea. Any other child, with a cough would get rid of it. In Lorenzo, it becomes a scrambled chain of reflexes...

e) Throughout the film there were conflicts between the scientific community and the Odones. What was the underlying reason for these conflicts? (10 pts) That the scientific community wanted a slow pace research trial, and didn’t want to just tell the information without being 100% sure. That irritated very much everyone.

f) At the end of the film, what was proposed

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