Los niños heroes en ingles

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Children heroes of the Battle of Chapultepec
The war between the U.S. and Mexico September 13, 1847 the invasion had its origins in the qurer interest in expanding their territories of the United States Supported by the doctrine of manifest destiny for them as estrus grades would bring benefits to the economy and having as Background the separation of Texas and its subsequent annexation to the United States. Estadounidence 1846 Congress declared war on Mexico to address the illegal invasion of the Mexican Army on its territory the fighting ended in the jump castle of Chapultepec on 13 September one, 1847 one year later in 1848 he signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo by which gave the territories north of the Rio Grande many Mexicans who
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Also lacking "other means" for the wages of the captain was not enough to be "distributed." Accepted your request, Francisco Marquez was admitted as a cadet and assigned to the first company of students. Immediately, his mother was committed to sustaining with all possible decency and regular grooming his son.

On September 13, 1847, given his young age, Francisco Marquez was one of the students who followed the Captain Alvarado in his attempt to leave the castle by jumping out of windows and down the eastern slope of the hill. Nobody saw him die, but Molina said that his body riddled with bullets, was taken up the hill, where "lay on the side facing the east." Again, a testament to an American soldier, Daniel Harvey Hill, helps us understand what happened to Francisco Marquez and other cadets and soldiers. Hill moved with his signal to attack. He moved along the main road, exposed to artillery fire from the castle. Hill's group was stopped for a long time, endured the bombing, not to storm the hill, until, suddenly, they saw at the top of the fort's flag stars and stripes. Hill could also see how high in the destruction and killing of Mexicans continued. "Caught between two fires, had only one exit, crushed like a herd of sheep. I saw dozens of them hanging from the walls

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