Love Or Money Preguntas Del Libro

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Love or money?
Author: Rowena akinyemi

1. Read the back cover of the book. How much do you know now about the story? Choose Y (yes) or N (no) each time.

a) Molly Clarkson is fifteen years old. Y/N b) Molly is having a small party. Y/N c) The four people at the party need Moll`s money. Y/N d) Someone is going to kill Molly. Y/N 2. Now read the introduction on the first page of the book. Are you good detective? Choose Y (yes) or N no). a) Inspector Walsh works quickly. Y/N b) A detective looks for the clues. Y/N c) A good clue stops the killer. Y/N d) The killer is going to lie. Y/N 3. Can you answer these questions about detective stories? a) Do you know any
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d) Albert lose his Job last month. e) Roger needed the money for his sick wife. 10. What happened next? a) Jacky went to prison for the murder of her mother and at first nobody visited her. In the end Roger and Diane went to see her, but they didn´t talk about Molly. b) After ten years Jackie came out of prison and married Tom Briggs. They lived very quietly and they didn´t have much money but they were happy. c) Roger lived Molly´s House. He builds ten houses in the farm and was soon a very rich man. Dianne found a husband, but she didn´t love him. She married him because he had a lot of money. d) The Clarkson families are nice people now. After their mother died, they learn something- they learn that love is more important than money. 11. Choose a good (G) title for each chapter. One heading is not goo (NG). Explain why. Chapter 1 The Hottest Day of the year. NG The Clarkson Family. G Diane needs Money. G Chapter 2 Molly says no. G A wonderful Dress. NG A birthday Dinner. G Chapter 3 Dr Pratt Phones the police. G The Bottle of Sleeping Tablets. G Diane and the Dogs. G Chapter 4 Sergeant Foster and the Tennis club.NG The Police ask Questions. G Cup of Hot milk. G

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