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Tony Montana is a criminal and murderous Cuban, strong character, a refugee in the United States. Fed up live in poverty, wants to succeed at any cost. Tony comes to the United States during the exodus from Mariel. On arrival in Key West is being held, along with most of the rest of the Cuban refugees, including his friend Manny Rivera also known as Manolo or Manny Ray, in an enclosure, waiting for resolution of its political situation. However, they are hired by a Miami kingpin, Frank Lopez, to Emilio Rebenga murder, a former regime official Cuban who was tortured to death by brother
Lopez in Cuba, and which was also held at the detention center. It organizes a mutiny among held, Tony stabs Rebenga, and thus
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Omar decides to return to
United States, and Sosa invited Tony to stay longer time, which he accepts. As they watch the takeoff helicopter, which allegedly leaves Omar Sosa's residence to begin his return to Miami; Sosa reveals to Tony that Omar was a spy police, and facilitates binoculars to observe how to kill him, to show Tony his intolerance disloyalty. This creates a mutual trust between Sosa and Tony, who begin to work together, with Tony responsible for all relations with Bolivia. Tony Elvira tells him to join and leave Frank. Tony, Manny and one of his men with weapons in hand, will visit Frank, who is meeting with Bernstein, corrupt cop in his office. Then the course contact by phone calls, and receive answers Frank message that the plan failed, but Frank made to believe people you are calling someone else, so Tony gets the proof he needed, and told to Frank. This, after admitting he had ordered Tony's death is broken and asks Tony knees not kill you, giving you what you want: your organization, Elvira, whatever. Tony promises that He is not going to kill them and tells Manny he shoots, while Tony does the same with the corrupt cop.
Tony and Elvira is married, and after month, the Montana empire expands around Miami, with Tony dealing directly with Sosa. However, Tony and Elvira had

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