Making a classroom newspaper

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Co-sponsored by the American Newspaper Publishers Association Foundation and the International Reading Association

To the Teacher
Join us for NIE Week Celebrate Newspaper in Education Week with an adventure that will help your students become aware of the world around them, make decisions, plan with their classmates and become producers as well as consumers of the written word. NIE Week will transform students into news readers…news gatherers…and news writers. Creating a Classroom Newspaper enables you to combine reading and writing activities every day during NIE Week. The week’s lessons culminate with student production of a classroom newspaper. From kindergarten to high school, students will become
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The instructions are written at three levels of complexity, so you can use the worksheet that is most appropriate for your students. The differentiated worksheets allow you to use the activities with special education students as well as those in gifted and talented programs, and with elementary, intermediate and advanced students. The level of each worksheet is indicated by the number of pencils shown in the lower right-hand corner of the worksheet. • On Assignment – Content-related activities Activities presented here provide additional experiences for your students as news gatherers. Each activity can be used to help students create portions of the newspaper. The levels are only a guide for your. You may have students of varying proficiency levels in your class. We urge you to adapt these ideas to meet your students’ needs. • Checklist for Production Suggestions for putting your classroom newspaper together are presented in checklist form. Alternative ideas for production also are listed. • Newspaper Glossary A list of newspaper terms is included. Copy this page for your students’ newspaper writing folder. Use these terms as appropriate to the daily newspaper lesson. List them on charts to describe the newspaper. Learning the language of the newspaper is essential and can be fun.

Lesson #1

Planning the Newspaper

Teacher Background: Your daily newspaper provides information on

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