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Conf iguring

ServiceDesk Plus in an instant.
ServiceDesk Plus is a web-based helpdesk software that helps you manage all your communications from a single point. It o ers an integrated Request management (Trouble Ticketing), Asset management, Purchase order management, Contract Management, Self-Service Portal, and Knowledge Base. ServiceDesk Plus packs all the modules at an a ordable price.

Configuration Procedure:

Con guration of ServiceDesk Plus is a 3 step process.

1. ServiceDesk Plus Installation 2. HelpDesk Con guration 3. Manage your Assets

System Requirements: Parameter Minimal Requirement Optimal Requirement

CPU Disk Space RAM

Pentium III 800 MHz or above 1 GB or above 5 GB or above

Intel Core Duo 1.7 GHz
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Fetch and send emails from ServiceDesk Plus by setting the incoming and outgoing mail server details

Avoid spam or unwanted emails from being raised as a request by using the spam lter con gurations. De ne the spam-rule using which the emails will be deleted even before they get created.
Setting up:

1. Click the Admin Tab. 2. Go to Mail Server settings. 3. Con gure the Incoming, Outgoing and Spam Filter conditions. 4. Save the setting and click on “Start Fetching”.

e. Enable Automatic dispatch of Requests Automatically route all the Requests to a technician, group or department using Business Rules. About 80% of your Requests are assigned through Business Rules. De ne your rule based on which the Request has to be routed even for di erent sites in your organization.

Setting up:

1. Click on Admin Tab. 2. Go to Business Rules. 3. De ne rule to route the requests to di erent sites or departments.

f. SLA Management: Prioritize your Request by de ning SLA and set di erent escalation levels for the SLA violations. Set proactive escalation for the technicians to resolve the request within the desired resolution time.

Setting up:

1. Click on Admin Tab 2. Go to Service Level Agreements. 3. De ne the SLA criteria, specify the Resolution time and enable the escalations. 4. For proactive escalations, use the option ’Escalate before’ and the email escalation will be sent ‘x’ minutes

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