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Manual de preparación examen CISM
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The CISM exam is offered twice a year annually during the months of June and December. 8 June 2013 exam registration key dates: Registration Opens | December 2012 | Early Registration Deadline: | 13 February 2013 | Final Registration Deadline: | 3 April 2013 |

CISM Bulletin of Information (BOI)
The Bulletin of Information (BOI) contains helpful registration information, study aid details, and information on how an ISACA membership purchase can save you money. The BOI is available in Enlisa and otero translated versions. Download the BOI that best meets your needs.

June 2013 Exam Registration Fees | Member | Non-Member | Online* early registrations received by 13
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* 1.4 Establish and maintain information security policies to communicate management’s directives and guide the development of standards, procedures and guidelines. * 1.5 Develop business cases to support investments in information security. * 1.6 Identify internal and external influences to the organization (for example, technology, business environment, risk tolerance, geographic location, legal and regulatory requirements) to ensure that these factors are addressed by the information security strategy. * 1.7 Obtain commitment from senior management and support from other stakeholders to maximize the probability of successful implementation of the information security strategy. * 1.8 Define and communicate the roles and responsibilities of information security throughout the organization to establish clear accountabilities and lines of authority. * 1.9 Establish, monitor, evaluate and report metrics (for example, key goal indicators [KGIs], key performance indicators [KPIs], key risk indicators [KRIs]) to provide management with accurate information regarding the effectiveness of the information security strategy.
Knowledge Statements * k1.1 Knowledge of methods to develop an information security strategy * k1.2 Knowledge of the relationship among information security and business goals, objectives, functions, processes and practices * k1.3 Knowledge of methods to implement an

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