Manual Desastre Natural ( Ingles)

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The Manual Of Natural Disaster
The Flood

What is a flood?
Is a Natural Disaster, A flood is the occupation on the part of the water of zones that habitually are free of this one, well for overflowing of rivers and boulevards for torrential rains or I thaw, or seas for increase of the tides over the habitual level or for avalanches caused by tidal waves.
The fluvial floods are natural processes that have taken place periodically and that have been the cause of the formation of the flatness in the vales of the rivers, fertile grounds where traditionally the agriculture has developed in vegas and banks.
In the coastal zones the embates of the sea have served to shape the coasts and to create swampy zones as lagoons and lagoons that,
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During: Fill tubs and other receptacles with clean water, just in case the water of the key will go so far as to be contaminated.Between to the house the furniture of patio and other exterior articles.If the time allows it, move to the second flat or to a high place the elements of more value, if the time allows it.Listen to a radio to batteries to be informed about the emergency, and possible instructions of the authority to charge.His hearth is prepared to evacuate.
After: Return to his hearth only when it is sure or the authorities like that indicate it.Not between to the buildings if there is still water around. When between to a building, do it carefully:
- Use thick shoes and lantern to batteries.
- Check the walls, soils, doors and windows to make sure that the building is not in risk of colapsar.
- Be careful with the animals that could have dragged the waters.
- Be attentive to plates or pieces of roof that could fall down
- Take photos of the damage, both of the house and of the contents

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