Manual de emergencia para un terremoto (Inglés-Español)

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Name of work: Emergency manual


An Earthquake , also called earthquake or earthquake , is a phenomenon of sudden and transient tremor of the crust caused by the release of stored energy in the form of seismic waves. The most common are caused by rupture of geological faults. May also occur for other reasons , for example, friction at the edge of tectonic plates, volcanic processes or even be produced by the man of underground nuclear test detonations.

The point of origin of an earthquake is called the hypocenter . The epicenter is the point on Earth's surface directly above the hypocenter . Depending on its intensity and origin, an earthquake can cause shifts in the
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Agree on what will each family member or co-worker in each case of an earthquake.
Periodically organize drills in order that each family member knows what to do during an earthquake, and ask the Internal Civil Protection Unit also carried out in the workplace.
In public places and overcrowded (cineme , theater , stadium, classroom ) do not scream , do not run , do not push , exit quietly if the output is not congested ; Otherwise , stay in your seat , putting his arms over his head and down toward the knees.
If you are in the subway, do not run , do not shout , do not push . Confusion and panic cause big problems. Do not rush to find solutions , the quake lasts seconds and underground structure provides security. Obey the instructions of the security personnel.


Keep calm and get in the safe areas of where you are in when the earthquake and try to protect it better, staying where he is. Most of those injured in an earthquake occurred when people tried to enter or leave the house or buildings.
Stand on a door frame with lock or back to a wall charge.
Become a "ball", burns himself to yourself in a corner; if possible, protect your head with a pillow or a blanket.
Stay away from windows and mirrors items breakable glass.
Avoid being under chandeliers and other hanging objects.
Stay removed from bookshelves, cabinets and heavy furniture that could fall or drop your content.
Back away from stoves,

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