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Running head: METEOR MISSILE


MBDA METEOR Jhon Bairon Restrepo Valoyes 4.2 Superficie Oceanógrafo

Escuela Naval de Cadetes “Almirante Padilla” Cartagena, Barrio Bosque (Manzanillo) Telephone: 3127882995 E-mail: Instructor: TNEAN Asela Rosas Alejandro



Meteor missile is a missile project air-air mode, is long range active radar-guided scope beyond visual range BVRAAM here if this project is scheduled for 2014, this missile is being developed by a European conglomerate MBDA-led with the aim to equip Eurofighter Typhoon fighter aircraft of the Royal Air Force in the UK, Germany's Luftwaffe, the Air Force in Spain and Italy's Aeronautica Militare, Dassault Rafale France, Saab 39
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It is developed to operate from three platforms: Eurofighter, Rafale and Gripen (assuming that the participation of Sweden), but can also be integrated into the F-35 Lightning. The missile will significantly enhance the capabilities of these aircraft and their sales potential. The missile incorporates the Beyond Visual Range Air Program to Air Missile (BVRAAM) being managed by an integrated project team within the Defence Procurement Agency, and is the first weapon system for Eurofighter. The combination of Eurofighter and a rocket whose range and exhaust area than any other current or projected system in the next decade will ensure dominate the battle aur Wolrd giving air superiority beating. The Meteor missile will be able to engage fighters, bombers, transport aircraft, AWACS, air tankers and cruise missiles using its INS navigation system, active radar seeker and countermeasures-resistant design.



The main competition of this missile is mid-range semi-active missile AIM-120C from Raytheon, which have the system AMRAAM (Advanced Short-Range Air-to-Air Missile). The METEOR has a longer range, improved speed and tracheal displacement contacts, also has several additional technological advances. Here you can see different graphical comparisons between the capabilities of the two missiles.

A single fighter

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