Meet Me In Istanbul

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Meet me in Istanbul door Richard Chisholm

The story of Tom Smith begins at Heathrow airport while he is waiting for his plane. He is leaving for Istanbul to visit his fiancée who works there. Looking forward to see his fiancée again he sits down at a chair near by the window. After several minutes the plane leaves and they are flying above London. When he is reading a letter that his fiancée send to him a sudden voice asks him if he had ever been to Istanbul. The man's name is Kemal and he lives in Istanbul. After a while of talking the plane arrives in Istanbul and they have to go. Kemal gives his telephone number to Tom. If Tom needs help, he can always call Kemal. They both go their own
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When he is with Kemal again, he tells the whole story. Kemal wants Tom to think carefully before he wants to make decisions. They go to the palace gardens in Istanbul to think and sort of relax. When they start walking again Kemal finds out that a man is following them. He says Tom to not look back and walk quickly. They go into the treasure rooms where it is very busy, they split up so that the man can’t find them back. When he is back in his hotel, he receives a phone call from one of Angela’s friends. She wants to meet him at the American bar in the Park hotel. He wants to tell Kemal about it but when he tries to call him the phone gives no answer. He goes to the Park hotel to meet Angela’s friend. When he meets her, she tells him everything she knows about the strange things that had happen the past time. After his conversation with her he goes to Kemal. They decide to follow Dunya to his home and try to find out what has happened to Angela. They also go to Dunya’s office again to see what is happening there. They find out that Dunya is a drugs dealer and a smuggler. Tom drops something and the men in the office hear it. They try to get away but it is to late. Taken away by the men they arrive at Dunya’s villa. The men want to take them into the house but the police shows up and Dunya and his men got caught. Angela is found there also and she is fine. Nothing very serious had happened to her, she is just a little bit upset but that is

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