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Endangered animals

What do you mean by species in danger of extinction?
What I understand is that endangered an animal is in danger of ending in fatalities either the environment or by the same man who mistreats animals and so little by little ending that animal species

It is the same in danger of extinction than extinct?
Is not the same as in extinction means that the species no longer exists in combination endangered means that there are still species but are about to end

Which species are in danger of extinction?
Antilocapra americana Pronghorn Tapirus bairdii Tapir Trichechus manatus Manatee Ursus horribilis Grizzly bear Phenicopterus ruber Flamingo Falco peregrinus Peregrine Harpyja
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Panda bears are in the need to travel to other areas to find a partner. This prevents inbreeding and increase genetic diversity. Inbreeding reduces resistance to death and decreased reproductive success.

Common and scientific name?
Its scientific name is Ailuropa melanoleuca and its common name is panda

Number wild species and numbre of animals in captivity?
Lonesome George

Mitu mitu

Atlas Lion

Red-tailed Black Labeo

Black-footed ferret

Rascon of Guam

Hawaiian Crow

Pedder galaxies

Arabian gazelle

Scimitar Oryx

Dog Potosí

Seychelles Giant Tortoise

Socorro Dove

South China Tiger

Spix's Macaw

Wyoming Toad


how can we prevent the extinction of this specie?
Begin to understand that we are only a part of this planet and our future and the land needed for each of us to enrich the quality of life of the planet and all living beings.

Making the public about the imminent danger of loss of biodiversity, it is threatening to humans. Disclose for people to collaborate and protect their habitats from pollution and establishing nature reserves.

Caring for endangered species or those that are threatened. Promote plans for captive breeding of endangered species. Share on animal rights and respect.

Economic and industrial work, and science is imminent, since the effects are borne by the natural habitat of the

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