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What is the history of St Valentine?
There are various legends regarding the history of St Valentine the only thing that can be said for sure is that there is lost of mystery and his exact story is not very clear. One of the most well-known legends dates back to Rome in the 3rd century. In this period, soldiers were not allowed to get married because it was believe that single men were better soldiers in battle than those that were married, because they were emotionally attached to their families. Faced with this situation, the figure of the Christian Priest Valentine appeared who considered the obligation on soliders not to marry it be in just. He therefore decided to unite partners in matrimony with the Christian blessing. Through his
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His relics can be found in the Church of Saint Práxedes in Rome and in the Carmelite church of White friar Street in Dublin (Ireland) 2) Valentine of Terni: around the year 197 he was named bishop of Interamna (now called Terni). He is also buried on Via Flaminia, but in a different place to Saint Valentine of Rome. His relics can be found in the Basilica of Saint Valentine of Terni.
Why is it celebrated on the 14th February?
Some think that Valentine’s Day is on 14th February because this is the date when Saint Valentine died or was buried. Others believe that it is celebrated mind-February because it was an attempt by the Catholic Church to Christianize the celebrations of the pagan festival of fertility “Lupercalia” which started on 15th

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