Monografia de sjl

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Monica Hinojosa
Useful questions
Can you help me?
Can you speak more slowly?
How do you say in English?
Can you spell that?
Can you repeat that?
What does that mean?
Ordinal numbers
14th fourteenth 11th eleventh 12th twelfth 19th nineteenth 13th thirteenth
Engineer Writer Doctor Soldier Firefighter Lawyer
Family members
Greg is my brother. I am his SISTER
Brenda is our mom. We are her children
Bob is my husband. I am his husband
Rita is my girlfriend. I am her boyfriend
Harry is my grandpa. Eliza is my grandma
Free time activities
See friends go bowling play sports work out go online
Personality adjectives
I don’t like big parties: shy
I tell lot of jokes: funny
I have lots of friends:

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