My Family And Others Animols

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My family and others animals

I Leavening England
Chapter 1
1. why does Larry want to move to corfu? because they said it was the perfect place, which had more space and sun.
2. what does Margo have in her luggage? had suitcases full of clothes and medicine for their points.
3. why does Larry´s mother think there is an epidemic in confu? because there were many controls to be
4. why does Larry´s mother dislike the villas Mr Beeler shows her?
Because it has no bathroom.

II The strawberry-pink villa
Chapter 2
1. why is it almost impossible to get in and out of Larry´s room? because he spent the entire day with his typewriter ande onli came out of his room for meals.
2. what are the wonderful creatures Gerry finds in the
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Chapter 9
1. what book does Gerry write for his English leson? the book was about travelling around the world with my family, capturing animols.
2. what does Peter do while Gerry writes the book? peter walked around the garden with Margo, discussing flowers.
3. describe the present that Gerry receives from leslie.

4. what is Gerry´s favourite birthday present? he really want a boat.

Chapter 10
1. what is Larry´s opinion about shooting? feet which is very easy, you just point and shoot.
2. what happens to larry when he goes shooting with Leslie one day?
Falls in a puddle.
3. what does Larry do when his room is on fire? larry's drunk.

Chapter 11
1. who wants to come to stay with the Durrells?

2. why do they move to a smaller villa?
Because they say that there is an epidemic.

IV The Snow-White Ville
Chapter 12
1. what insects does Gerry have the opportunity to observe in the new villa? have the opportunity to see green praying mantis.
2. what does Gerry learn with his new tutor, Mr kralefsky?
The power of imagination.
3. what does Kralefsky mother tell Gerry about flowers?

4. what do the magpies do to Larry´s bedroom?
Beg for food.
5. what does Gerry decided to do with the magpies after the incident in Larry´s room? he must do something to control those birds or i'll murder them.

Chapter 13
1. who does Gerry meet when walking with his dogs? went to the channels with their dogs.
2. where does

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