My family and other animals resumen

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My family and other animals


Chapter 1. A Rainy Day in Bournemouth
It was August and all the Durrell family was ill except the eldest brother called Larry. Mother and Gerry had colds and Gerry’s brother, named Leslie, had earache and Leslie, Gerry and Leslie’s sister, had spots all over her face. One day, Larry said to his mother: * Mother, this family is disintegrating
And they argued until Larry proposed to go to a Greek island call Corfu which was wonderful by George’s opinion (a Larry friend). But Mum didn’t accepted the idea because they have all moved several times and they wouldn’t move again but after arguing a
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He had birds in cages on his bag and lots of balloons in his pockets. He had a flute in one hand and strings in the other hand and at the end of each string he had tied rose-beetles, so Gerry decided to call him The Rose-beetle man.

He couldn’t speak and he sold Gerry a tortoise but Gerry hadn’t money so he told him to come to the villa the next day to collect the money to pay for it. All the family was very happy with the tortoise and called it Achilles but one day someone left the garden gate open and they found it dead in a deep hole under an olive tree.

Next time Gerry bought a pigeon from the Rose-beetle man but the pigeon was very ugly because it hadn’t got any feathers so the family named it Quasimodo.
One morning, Quasimodo laid an egg on the sofa and the family was very shocked to discover it was a female and finally he went to live outside in the garden and found a male pigeon.

Chapter 4. The new teacher
One day, mother decided that I needed a teacher and Larry proposed George, who brought them to the island, to teach him. They studied together geography, English, French, mathematics and also biology. They studied inside and outside the house. Their favourite place was a small bay where they observed the sea creatures and some insects.

Gerry enjoyed a lot the outside’s lessons and he also liked being with George because he learnt lots of things.

Chapter 5. An interesting visitor
A sunny day, Gerry wanted to ask

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