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Joanna’s Story
Early years.
What did Joanna do to Tom at his birthday party?
She managed to get Tim and all his friends back into the living-room and then she pushed him out again and closed the doors.
How did Joanna protest about her punishment?
She decided stop eating.
What did Joanna look like compared to Clare?
Joanna is small and blonde, short and dumpy compared with Clare.
Why wasn't Joanna nervous at the entrance exam?
Because she was more concentrated with how wears the boy she likes.
What was Clare and Joanna's first “mission” at the grammar school?
The mission was to be kissed.
What special quality did Clare have?
She made a lot of friends without do any effort.
Why was Joanna really jealous of her
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And that she realized that at home there is something it’s going wrong, but she have no idea what could it be. What happened on the Christmas Day?
She and her sister were playing and talking at home, her parents were very quiet, her father started to cry, she felt bad for that.
Why is Anne so worried about her younger sister?
Because she's paying for all things happening at house and her parents still been quiet and ignoring them. She felt forgotten and there are times that she cries and want to go sleep with Anne.
What does Anne think is unacceptable about her mother's behaviour?
She think that her mother are forgotten to take care of her little sister, Sarah, she needs her mother at his side and she still being a kid, that thinks his mother is an angel and his father a hero.
What did her mother reveal to her during the holiday at Easter?
Her mother talk him about that she and her father was in a difficult situation, and she has a lover and it's the reason for all the problems of her parents have. What is happening to Sarah at school?
She's changing the behaviour in the last months, she used to be friendly, funny and popular girl at school but now, she's always hanging on the monitor at the playground, she's becoming more demanding in classroom and often creates problems to have the attention of teacher.
Why did Anne and her sister go to

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